Propark has extensive shuttle operation experience, with hundreds of shuttles in multiple states from coast to coast. Propark’s approach to fleet management is one that has evolved over decades, providing transportation to off-airport parking patrons, office complex and residential building tenants, hotel guest, restaurant customers and local theatergoers. Across the United States, Propark has customized transportation and mobility programs that are tailored to fit the needs of each individual client, with transit solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

Propark will work with you to customize a transportation program that meets your needs. From luxury passenger vans to 45- passenger shuttle buses, Propark can customize vehicles built to your exact specifications. Our industry-leading fleet preventative maintenance program enhances service reliability and ensures proper vehicle inspection protocol to prolong the useful life of the vehicle. Our vehicles can be outfitted with the latest in GPS tracking technology for service accountability. We can design and incorporate custom vehicle graphics that elevate your brand. Propark will ensure that your vehicles are ADA compliant and will also present fuel efficient options, such as hybrid technology, bio fuel or compressed natural gas.

Our qualified drivers undergo rigorous screening and road test certification. Our professional staff are required to undergo Propark’s proprietary 5-star shuttle service training in order to assure our clients of a high-end guest transportation service program.

Propark will analyze your market, the available routes, the habits of your ridership and peak demand windows to develop an optimal mix of efficiency and reliability for your transportation program. We will utilize the latest in technology to achieve your service goals and our dispatches will communicate directly with drivers to ensure any necessary route adjustments are made due to road closures, construction or traffic delays.